Our Mission is simple, We wish to upgrade the world of trading by simplifying the entire Technical Analysis process.

The reason we believe in this so strongly is simply due to the fact that we use this software Ourselves in our day to day trading practices.

In all honesty, this software will make your life easier ONLY if you have knowledge of trading and investing, i.e. Technical and Fundamental Analysis knowledge.

Without this knowledge, it would be hard to make out the prevaling scenarios and some minor level of human input is necessary. As with all things in recent times, Automation has made the lives easier, however it cannot entirely replace the human participation. Same is the case with our software. The automation bit helps you focus your valuable time towards other areas of your life. However, when it comes to making a decision, you will have to judge whether what the software is saying makes sense or not.

Furthermore, We have partenered with the Stock Market Institute in Mumbai, Goaled. We have thouroughly evaluated their courses and have come to the conclusion that our software works excellent with their teaching methods and syllabus.