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Are You Tired of Conducting Technical Analysis every single day?

We are traders in the Indian Stock Market. This is why we can understand how important technical signals can be when looking for an entry. The thing about Technical Analysis is that one must continously monitor the movements in price. This makes it difficult for persons with not a lot of free time on their hands to take part in trading. This is where We come in.

Technical Analysis

With the help of our software, you will no longer have to manually look for Signals

Since it is understood among participants of the trading community that the price includes fundamental data, We have come up with a software that does all the work for you. With a high success ratio, our software gives you several prices for entry, as well as Targets and Stop Losses. These numbers are provided based on various parameters that are customizable according to your own intuition.

No more will you need to spend time evaluating several scrips. This software will automatically pick out the best ones suitable to enter in. After which you could choose to make your own decision.

Want to Educate yourself on the topic of Stock Market Trading?

Even though this software takes care of 90% of the work for you, it is always advisable to have some solid understanding of Trading and Investing in general. Even though they seem similar in nature, in the Stock Market, these two terms have a very different meaning.

Understanding about these two terms can be done mainly through two courses namely, The Technical Analysis Course, and the Fundamental Analysis Course.

Goaled – Share Market Classes in Mumbai

We have gone one step further and have eliminated the need for you to search through different stock market institutes. We have partnered with the stock market institute, Goaled. From what our team of experts have seen, we can safely say that they provide the Best Stock Market Courses in Mumbai, and Online as well! They are famous for conducting Live Marker Training Sessions. Here are the few courses they provide:

  • Technical Analysis Course
  • Fundamental Analysis Course
  • Futures and Options (Derivatives)

After learning their courses that they provide at highly competitive rates, you could make complete sense of our software, which is the exact way we recommend you do things.

Become a Member @ ₹4,000/- (All Inclusive) and Start Earning!

Since the software is elaborate, it would be clearer if we could provide you a free demo. Click the button below and fill in the sign up form to get in touch with our team.

Fundamental Analysis Course in mumbai
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